Prayers for Boston

Dear World,

Today I woke up with a better spirit. It was not due to plenty of sleep and a lazy morning ahead of me. No, I woke up feeling better because the words I wrote last night were cleansing in a way. I feel that within the past week or so I have gotten rid of a lot of weight from my shoulders and while there is still some to bear… I am making steps forward in the right direction.

As so many of my days start out in chaos, today was no different. I rose at 5:30am, which is insane to me, but I felt so inspired to keep working on my blog that I just couldn’t sleep any longer. I did some tweaking and editing until it was time for my babies to rise. Cue the chaos.

It only takes minutes before there is some sort of fighting, crying, tugging, throwing, pulling and suddenly I’m the one that wants to cry. We get through getting dressed and make our way downstairs for the delectable spread once again… oatmeal today. I am amazing!  I’ve already had my cup of clarity so I am feeling a little more equipped to handle the breakfast routine. That is until the first cup of juice spills. I’d like to say that this was the only cup of liquid that was spilled on me today… but it was actually the first of three.

From this point on I had thought about what I would post today…. The spills, the tantrum on the way to the bus stop, the tantrums on the way back. Maybe I would blog about my husband or better yet some crafts that I have been thinking of sharing. All day, what I would write was on my mind until I saw the tv around 3:00 this afternoon.

World, what is wrong with us? Every word I’ve written so far is meaningless. People once again were innocently attacked and we all gasp and watch. I pray for each and ever person that was there at the Boston Marathon and I pray for all of the family members of those people as well. Most of all though, I pray for our future.

I can not comprehend why these things keep happening. There is horror in our news every single day without exception. There is a landslide of hatred, death and misery that is displayed in high def for us all to see. We can find the details and pictures on our phones and computers. It surrounds us.

A tragedy happens and we salivate over the heartbreak and hero stories. We spend the next week watching the special reports and exclusive interviews and we need the details. We need the answers to why and how and who is to blame. We need more, more, more. We come together as communities and mourn and new stories of hope come about. But what has changed?

The week passes and the deaths are forgotten and the news stories end. We all move on with our lives and wait for the next shoe to drop. The next tragedy to strike, so we can go back into “we care mode”. Until then we can continue our lives looking at the world with blinders on. Its not that bad. There are plenty of good people out there. Good will triumph over evil…. right??

World, I don’t know the answer for fixing what is clearly broken. What I do know is that time is precious and we are running out. I fear for my children and their children that will some day, God willing, inherit this awful place that we have left them.

As I go through some major changes in my life and look for answers and solutions to what I need to fix, I wonder if we as a world are looking for answers and solutions.  I wonder if we have just become so comfortable with what is happening around us that it doesn’t even matter anymore. Are we really making steps forward in the right direction?  I pray that we are but only time will tell.

Love, Cherise

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