Crazy Good or Bad

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Dear Brian,

You drive me CRAZY! Sometimes, it’s crazy good and sometimes crazy bad. As we start our road trip to Raleigh for a wedding I am reminded of my own wedding seven and a half years ago. I think of all the emotions that go along with getting married and I think of the journey that it took to get to that point. I can remember all of the excitement and anticipation for the actual day of our wedding but also for the future that we would have together.

With anything there is a journey. I think about how we made it here today to the couple that we are, the parents that we’ve become;  The friendship that we’ve developed, the romance we’ve made time for and the mutual respect that we have nurtured.  I remember the first time we met at Giant Eagle where we both worked… how romantic. I think the funniest part of how we started out is that I was trying to set you up with someone else.

It wasn’t long in the process of trying to set you up that I realized that maybe you should be set up with me. Let’s just say we didn’t make too many friends when we ended up liking each other but I’m pretty sure that following the Voice was the best thing that I could have done.

I was crazy about you! Crazy good by the way. So we dated and we fell in love… cue the warm and fuzzy feeling, but with anything in life it wasn’t always kisses and googley eyes. We had our ups and downs just like this car trip that we are on today. For every hill we have made it up, we have grown and changed to prepare ourselves for the next hill.

We’ve gotten  much better at the hills over the years and I’ve learned so many lessons. For myself, I have learned some new things about you that drive me crazy… the good and bad kind. It made me crazy this morning that our departure time was missed by an hour. It makes me crazy that I can’t plan a meal  because you can’t commit to what you will want to eat at a later time.  It makes me crazy that you don’t cook.  It makes me crazy when you complain about other drivers. It makes me crazy that you know everything.

It makes me crazy that you got your haircut yesterday for me because you know how much I love short hair. It makes me crazy that as we drive you will point out all of the beautiful things you see. Every tree, horse, cow, valley, rainbow… You’ll be sure I don’t miss one. It makes me crazy that you know when all I need is a glass of wine… or two, after a tough day. It makes me crazy that you find me sexy in sweatpants, gorgeous in my jammies and radiant in jeans and a t-shirt. It makes me crazy that when I find a weakness in myself, you are oblivious to it.  It makes me crazy that you know everything.

I’d say for all the things that you do to make me crazy, bad… You do more to make me crazy, good. I read a quote about romance a while back. I can’t remember it word for word but the gist of it was that anyone can fall in love with a person. It takes something really special to keep falling in love with that person. I can honestly say that I just fell in love with you again a few days ago.

You are the most supportive and wonderful husband that I could have ever imagined. You are so kind and caring. You amaze me daily with how much you care for me and our family. I’ve watched you grow into this incredible man and I’m thankful every day that I set you up with me instead of someone else.

So what to do with all of the craziness? Well, I plan to spend the rest of my life getting crazy with you. It won’t always be “Bobby Brady fireworks” but they’ll defiantly be a few fires. It won’t always be kind words and hugs and kisses, but when it is, the words will be the kindest and the kisses will be filled with passion. We won’t always  see eye to eye but we will always be looking together. Each night when we fall asleep next to each other and our feet brush past one another I am reminded of how crazy I am for you.  Crazy good or crazy bad, I love you with all of my heart.

Love, Cherise

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