A Little Bit of Silly

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Dear World,

I just wanted to give a friendly reminder that every day has time for some silly. This is a reminder that our family has to try to practice often. I feel like lately our lives have become so complicated. Brian and I are worrying about so many things with me not working for a few weeks and then starting a new job. It has been a scary roller coaster ride this past month or two to say the least. I, in fact, have puked twice and I am ready to get off the ride! But through it all, it seems that a little bit of silly is what gets us through.

I don’t know how it works. I am sure there is some research behind it. In this article, http://health.usnews.com/health-news/family-health/living-well/articles/2010/12/01/smile-to-improve-your-mood, it goes on and on about the benefits of smiling and how it can improve your mood. If a smile can get you feeling good than imagine what some silly can do for you.  I’d like to think that sometimes it takes more than a smile and perhaps a raspberry to one’s belly may be the answer.

Our family has found that when one of us is down and out… a good, quick cure is a few raspberries to the stomach. Please use this method responsibly, as not all, appreciate such a ridiculous sloppiness of spit and fart noises slopping all over their belly. I for one am not a fan of this method on myself, however it has great strength in pulling my family members out of a funk. It has actually become a team effort at times as Cassidy and Jacob are more than happy to lend a hand when Daddy needs some cheer!

I know it’s gross and ridiculous… It doesn’t work for everyone. But the point is that it is silly. Sometimes we have no other option than a little silly. Life sucks! It’s hard and it beats you up at every corner. As soon as you think you have a handle on things you get punched in the gut and realize that you are back at square one.

I know there is an amazing few that get to live amazing happy lives day after day. They don’t worry about money or children or whatever it is that you and I are worried about. The thing is, they are either worrying about something else or they are having a whole lot of silly time so none of it matters.

If you aren’t sure if you know how to do silly my advice lies in children. They are an endless source of silly. Jacob has actually developed invisible buttons on his chest that when you push them, his wings.. (arms) pop up and off he flies. When is the last time you popped up your wings and flew? I know it sounds stupid, but I’d bet my life if you ran around your living room right now with your wings up that no matter what sucks in your life would seem a little better. In fact, give me just a second…………………….

Yes I just did! In fact, if Brian weren’t on the midnight shift there would probably be an awesome u-tube video. Guess what, I feel amazing. It could be the wine but it also was the giant smile that came from just being silly. We spend every day, all day working and stressing over so many things. We deserve a little silly. I deserve a little silly.

When was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach felt like you did one hundred sit ups? Been a while huh? That’s right, life sucks! It is our choice to make the best of it. I look at my kids and while they do worry over some things, for the most part they are happy. They laugh and scream and run, and all day long is filled with fun. All adults say, I wish that I could be a kid again. Well why can’t we act like it sometimes?

There is no adult police that says being an adult means no more silly. We won’t get in trouble. Its ok. It’s actually healthy for us…. refer back to that article. Smiles are contagious and laughter is intoxicating so why don’t we do it more?

People are so miserable these days. I see people walking down the street with a death stare. I wait on people that can’t even respond to a hello. What is wrong with us that we have all become so angry? I know….life sucks, but it sucks for all of us. No one is getting a free ride. Each and every one of us has our own trials and tribulations to walk through. It is up to us to make them bearable when they are not, and laughable when we can.

Go to a mirror right now and make a face….. No not an angry face, we all have that mastered. Especially if you have children! Ever wonder why they laugh when you put on your maddest face? It is because we look silly. A child’s first language is silly and if we adults spoke a little more silly, we’d probably get along even better. Now back to your face in the mirror…. Did it hurt? No. Doesn’t it feel good to just be wild and crazy and make a ridiculous face? You know it does!

I challenge any reader to finish reading this post, pop up your wings if you were too scared before. When you finally land, go to the mirror and make a funny face. If you do all of that and don’t feel like a million bucks be sure to respond to this post. I want to know what makes you tick. I want to figure out how to get you to your silly place. If I have to, I’ll bring my kids along and let the masters do their work. They will surely have you giggling in no time!

Go ahead, get silly. Laugh, smile, make a face as long as it’s not angry and pretend life doesn’t suck. If we all got a little silly, it actually might suck a little less.

Love, Cherise

P.S. If you tried all of my tips and are still feeling blue, here is a few more pictures of silly to guide your way! I’m telling you, my children are silly masters!

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6 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Silly

  1. Love the pictures! !!!! Our silly is acting like trex and chasing the boys or playing sonic and tails and jumping off every piece of furniture. But my favorite is dance party when we turn the radio on and let loose. We may look like idiots but we have smiles from ear to ear. :)

    • A smile is all that you need sometimes. It gets us through quite a bit. I am just glad to have two of the best silly professors around!

    • Thanks Jody! So which did you do? Silly faces in the mirror or fly around the living room? I should have had everyone post videos! lol

  2. I love this post! This is why I loe teaching, it allows me to be silly. When I was reading this I thought of Mo Willems (my favorite author hahahaha). I had the opportunity to see him teach kids to draw the famous pigeon. As he was drawing he made silly sounds. All of he kids copied his sounds. At the end he expaine what he did. Kids love being silly and having fun so why not jazz up a simple thing of drawing. As kids get older they start being more conscience and would not copy the sounds ( just like most adults). When kids are younger they will do anything to have fun and I be silly. So why not do something silly when we draw or go about life!?!

    • This is what I mean! Kids are always having fun and somehow we get older and forget how to do it. Why? If we just forced a little silly on ourselves now and then I bet the world would be a better place. Kids have the right idea. Laughter is the key and every adult should learn a lesson from a silly child:)

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