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Dear Cassidy and Jacob,

I’ve been blessed beyond my dreams with the two of you. Your Daddy and I have the perfect family. A baby girl and boy. It is the best of both worlds. I knew that we would only have two children, that we planned, but of course there was no planning on our part when it came to boys or girls. It amazes us each day how different the two of you are.

I watch as the two of you play together and it warms my heart. I hope that you are best friends for your whole lives. I think that you’ve already started a great relationship with each other. Each day I watch as you bicker and fight, like brother and sister do, but I also see how much love is there. I think bed time is one of the best times to witness your unconditional  love for each other.

Each night you snuggle up with each other for a kiss and a hug before moving on to your own beds. There are usually some giggles as Cassidy squeezes Jacob a little too tight and then some more giggles when Jacob kisses Cassidy on the nose. Your laughter between the two of you is music to my ears. It makes me sad the days that I am not there to put you to bed and miss out on this special moment each day.

Even though you both get along fairly well, you are indeed siblings and we do experience our share of rivalries. Right now the big one is being “first.” Who is in the tub first, who is out of the tub first, gets in the car first, gets dressed first, gets a hug first…. it’s never ending. Of course it is usually Cassidy that is most worried about being first. Maybe because you were our first baby. I try to explain that you will always be that first baby and that can never change, but smart girl that you are respond with “Jacob is the first baby boy.”

Rivalries aside, you both play so well with each other. I have been around children most of my life. I’ve worked in childcare, babysat, and had such a large family that I’ve always had children around, ever since I was the child. I have seen brother and sister dynamics and never have I noticed one as close as yours. I can only pray that your love for each other grows stronger with the days that pass.

I’ve noticed plenty of siblings that care for each other but there is something so special about the two of you…. aside from the fact that you are my babies of course. When Cassidy comes home from school the two of you run to hug it is magical! The whole time that you are in school, Jacob asks where you are.  I think that you both genuinely miss each other when you are away and I pray that is always the case.

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I look at my relationships with my siblings and I wish I was closer with all of them. I don’t mean to sound like I am not close at all because that simply isn’t the case, but I don’t think that we see or talk to each other enough. My brothers and I don’t talk much more than occasionaly. Of course we do here and there but it certainly isn’t on a regular basis and that makes me sad. I had to go to a wedding in North Carolina to see my younger brother a couple weeks ago, and we both live 20 minutes from each other.

It isn’t really anyone’s fault that we don’t share more of our lives with each other. We are all so busy. Life is tough more often than not, and then you forget to make time for the ones that you love. I think about all of my siblings very often, but rarely have the time to call them and say, “I’m thinking of you today.” I hope for you Cassidy and Jacob, that this never happens with you. I wan’t you to think of each other often as you do now, and make it a point to let each other know that you are thinking of them.

I should learn a lesson from the two of you. You are both still so young and un-tampered by the world. You make the most of your time with each other because you know nothing else. Every moment apart is a countdown to being together again and it is beautiful. I’m not sure if I had that bond with any of my siblings at your ages but I wish for it even now. I love my brothers and sister with all of my heart and don’t share it often enough.

Someday if you are feeling a distance in between you, I would hope for you to read this and remember what you were like in the beginning  Look at the pictures of the two of you together and see the joy that you share with each other. Remember that friends will come and go, but you can remain best friends forever. I hope that you are able to continue to nurture your relationship with each other. I hope that you will become more inseparable as the years pass. I plan to follow your example and try harder to let my siblings know when I am missing them. Maybe this post is my first step.

Love, Momma


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