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Dear World,

As most of you know already, Sunday is Mother’s Day. I have heard and seen the advertisements for the past week and I am sure they will continue right up until the day of. “Don’t forget to buy this stuff for Mom,”  “Remember Mom with this great…. fill in the blank.” It’s all about what to buy for that special Mom in your life. I certainly can’t speak for all Mom’s but I can speak for myself when I say that I don’t want stuff for Mother’s Day.

I have worked in restaurants for as long as I have been working and Mother’s Day was always a huge day. There was no way a server was taking off on Mother’s Day. This is the day that the masses set out to treat Mom to a home cooked meal…. Actually, it’s more of a chaotic, long wait, get served by a stranger, eat microwaved junk that is anything but home cooked, too noisy, too stressful attempt at a meal for Mom.

No thank you! I don’t want to be in a restaurant on Mother’s day. I don’t want to stand in line and wait for a table because everyone else is showing Mom how much they care by doing the same thing as everyone else. I don’t want to eat food that some cook in the back could care less about because he’s been so busy today cooking up food for all of the people that can’t come up with a better idea for Mom. I don’t want a stranger to  wait on my family and I and roll their eyes when I ask for a water with lemon instead of a cocktail  I ordered water because it’s what I want, not because I’m being cheep.

Once again, I am speaking on my own behalf and if other mother’s enjoy this sort of celebration than more power to you. I on the other hand would prefer something that most people aren’t doing. I want to stay home and I don’t even mind cooking. Celebrating Mother’s day for me isn’t about getting out of doing the things I normally do. Sure a night off as chef Cherise is always appreciated, but I want the night off because my family is genuinely thinking of me. I want the night off for a dinner out because Brian wants to take me on a date or because he has seen that I worked hard all week so he takes the kids and I out for dinner. Now that is a celebration!

Going out to eat just because it’s Mother’s day is the worst reason to take this Mom out! I want to enjoy being with my family and I feel like days like this spent in restaurants, are little to do with enjoying. If I finish my meal and want to sit at the table for an extra twenty minutes and relax I don’t want a server glaring at me to hurry up so she can flip the table. Don’t be fooled, servers do actually do this, I have done it myself. The only consolation for them to work on one of these ridiculous holidays is money, and they don’t make money while you sit at the table for an extra twenty minutes to chat.

My perfect Mother’s day would involve having breakfast with my family, that I will probably make. Next I’d head to church with the kids and then back for lunch, that I will also probably make. I’d like to get some things done around the house since it will be my day off. If the weather is nice I’d love to do some work in my garden. If the weather isn’t so nice I’d be happy to do some laundry or vacuum. I would love to have a great big dinner and invite my mom and my mother in law along with a few other moms. The more the merrier! I will probably cook that meal also.

After dinner I will appreciate that everyone pitches in to clean up. With this many moms in the house there won’t be any trouble getting the dishes clean in a jiff! Now is when I will relax and possibly enjoy a glass of wine…. or two. All in all the day will fly by and I will enjoy every second and wish I could have just a few more.

As far as gifts… My ideal gifts will be from my kids and homemade. These are the gifts that bring a tear to my eye. If it has hand prints or pictures the more tears they will see. It’s these keepsakes that remind me of how important my job as a mom is. Cards are great too especially now that Cassidy can write some words.

I know all of this sounds boring to some of you but it is really how I’d choose to spend the day. In fact since the holiday is for me…. I just may! Becoming a mom has just made me see that it isn’t about a gift or a meal out. It is all about what is inside of our home. It is all about the two mini me’s that I care for every second of every day. It is a day to thank my mom and my mother in law. It is all about the other members in the Moms club that know all about the struggles that we each face as a mom. It’s all about appreciation for the things that happen daily.

I’m not sure how you will end up spending your Mother’s day but I hope that if you are a Mom, that you get to do exactly what makes you happy. I hope that if you are a son or a daughter that you show your mom how much you appreciate what  she does every day. I hope that if you are a husband and father that you show your wife how important she is to the entire family. I know Brian will show me, he always reminds me how much I am needed and appreciated. Also dad’s remember that Mother’s day comes before Father’s day so if you screw this up, that tool box or other manly gift you’ve been hoping for could be just a pipe dream.

No matter what you end up doing for the mom in your life just put your heart in it. I bet that is what most moms would want.

Love, Cherise


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