Dear World,

Today I had the chance to stop and think about where inspiration comes from. I began thinking about all of the people, things and places that really inspire me each day, and I realized that sometimes it can come in unlikely places. I realized that I can find inspiration from looking at the spring flowers. This season being my favorite season, there is plenty of beautiful flowers to awaken my senses each day. I am inspired especially by the flowers that lay beneath the ground and snow all through fall and winter. They are patient flowers and they wait until the moment is right to poke out of their slumber.

Tulips being my favorite of all the flowers just make my day! I wait all dreary winter until the moment that I will see these beautiful creations from heaven and I am in love with each and every one. Their beauty amazes me as well as their staying power. They survive all winter long without a hint of sunshine. A bulb buried below just waiting to rise again and say “hello spring!”

Aside from things like flowers, there have been many people along the way that have been a great source of encouragement and inspiration. I was surprised this morning when I had received a text from a person that I once worked with. She revealed that some of the feelings that I am going through in my life right now are similar to how she is feeling. The thing that surprised me most was that for the time that I worked with this person, I found her to be a rock. I always saw her as a strong character with a heart made of something more precious than gold. To say she had a heart of gold would be selling her short.

I have watched this woman care for everyone around her in such an honest and wonderful way and I have many times wished that I could be half as caring. The whole time that I have known this person I have felt inspired to be more like her. I am willing to bet that this person has no idea how many lives she touches daily, but I can assure you that she has touched mine.

Another person that has helped me many times over, to see things in a better light, is my sister. I would like to describe her as my own personal cheerleader. It’s like every thing that I do in life, she is always on the sideline cheering. I don’t know how she does it! I will confess that we may not always see eye to eye. In fact we probably disagree more than not, but regardless of any disagreement we may have, my pom pom girl is always there.

She inspires me to keep trying when it is easier to quit. When I feel like I just can’t make it over the finish line she is screaming even louder for me to keep going. She has always been in my ear and many times she’s been in my way, but I would not want to imagine life without my cheerleader.

I have also found inspiration in my husband. He and I have been through so much together and we truly know each other in and out. We are that couple that can complete each other’s sentences…. however we don’t because it’s sort of annoying. Brian shows me how to be calm and reserved when I have no desire to be. He has shown me that thinking things through is so much better than jumping into deep waters without knowing how to swim. I love this man with all of my heart and sometimes all it takes is to look at him to know how lucky I am. That in itself is inspiring to me!

As much as anyone has inspired me, my children are inspirations daily. They show me how to be silly and simple. The give me the drive to be a better person each and every day. They remind me that even when no one else can see me, they are looking and taking notes; so I better be on my toes. Seeing the two of them when they show love and affection for each other inspires me to be as sweet and unfiltered with my feelings.

Recently, I have found inspiration from reading several different woman’s blogs. I love how these woman can say what we are all thinking and feeling. I read there posts and feel like they are talking about me and my family. I am actually transported to the memories that they are writing about. These woman are strong and creative writers and their voices have become so important to me in the past weeks.  I hope to someday be as influential and inspirational as they are to me.

Probably what should be the most important inspiration for me is my faith. I truly believe that there is a plan in place for me and each person. It is often very difficult to navigate this world and the paths are often hidden and winding. I feel like while it has been a bumpy last month that I am finally heading down the right path. I feel like even though I am still so unsure of what tomorrow will hold for me, I am confident that I am walking in the right direction.

I am inspired by reading the bible and the stories of hope and miracles that can only come from a strong faith. Each Sunday I am filled up with a potent dose of inspiration and I use it to carry me along all week. I think and pray often about the things that are happening in my life right now and I am very hopeful that no matter what trials I walk through, I will be rewarded in the end.

So many things can open my eyes and rejuvenate my battered soul. I feel down and out many days and it takes a lot to get going sometimes. I have to purposefully search out these inspirations to keep myself on the path. I have to make the choice to find inspirations in the smallest of things or in the people around me.

There are so many more people that have inspired me throughout my life and I wish I could mention all of you. I really take a lot from the relationships that I have with the people that are around me and I am so glad to have such an amazing support team!

I am sure that all of you that I mentioned in this post don’t wake up each morning with a to do list that says Inspire Cherise Today. Yet this is what you do. You do it unknowingly and I am grateful to have you all in my life. I will finish my day feeling full of inspiration to keep walking this path and I will pray that tomorrow greets me with just as much.

Love, Cherise

3 thoughts on “Inspirations

    • Thank you! I really didn’t understand blogging a month ago and I am barely understanding it now but I have begun reading other bloggers and I really look forward to new posts. It has almost become sort of an addiction as well as an inspiration! I wish you a great Mother’s Day as well!

  1. I will always be cheering you on because you are an amazing person! I am flattered to be mentioned and am even more inspired by you everyday. Love you!!!!

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