The Piggy Back King

Dear Brian,

Happy Fathers Day my love. Today as we go about our daily routine I have thought about how important this day really is to me. I can’t thank you enough for the two best gifts that I could ever have. Our babies are perfect little pieces of you and I and just to look at them makes me infinitely happy.


I look at how our kids have grown, far faster than I would like, and I realize that you have taught them so many things already that I could never teach them. I like to think that I can do it all… and I know that I act like I know it all as well, but I am realizing that there are just some things that Mommy can’t teach. What you give to our children on a daily basis will go on in their hearts for years to come.

I realized, while looking at some pictures in my phone the other day, that I can never be as adventurous as you. I want our kids to explore new things and challenge themselves to try new experiences. The person best suited to teach them how to do this, is you. You know how to do wild and crazy things and sometimes I have to force myself to try. Without you, we would never take the plunge and explore our own limits.


You are the roller coaster rider, the slide slider, the adventure finder and the explorer that I am not. You bring smiles to our kids faces because they know that something fun is bound to come. You are the piggy back king when you carry them both at the same time up the stairs to bed. You are the rough houser, tickle monster, and silly face maker that I am not.

I watch and think that I wish I could be as exciting as you, but the truth is, that our kids don’t need me to be like you. They need me to be just how I am, and they need you to give them the adventure that you do.

You are the soccer coach that I am not. You will teach them so much about sports that I will never. I learn from you also, but it is so cute when I watch Cassidy already have an appreciation for things like baseball. She keeps score of the game and knows players names and I think its incredible!

Our children will have an appreciation for music because of you. I admire how much you enjoy music. You really listen to almost anything and because of that you are able to teach our children to appreciate so many different types of music. I have even learned to appreciate some new music because of you. You really make music a part of all of our lives and we thank you for it. You may not be able to show them how to dance, but you sure have given them an ear for listening.

You also teach our kids about cars, which would never come from me. They couldn’t be happier to wash a car with you, and I would rather go through the car wash at GetGo. You put so much detail and care into the process that I often tease you for, but truthfully, your pride in your car is great. I am glad that you can show our kids how to take care of something that is important to you.


I watch as you all take pride in the car washes and in the details and I think it is wonderful. You work hard to keep all of the cars looking brand new and I would probably not care more than once a year. I know washing a car doesn’t seem important, but its the deeper lesson that is. It is the lesson that these possessions are important to you and you are so proud of your car. You take care of it better than some people care for their own kids. You are teaching our kids that it is important to take care of the things that you are so proud of. I try to teach this lesson when I clean the house… but your way seems  to be more fun to them!

You teach our kids to go outside and run around. You give them the care free attitude that I lack so often. I would schedule and plan every minute if I could and you give them the ability to experience things without all of the rules.

You let them play rougher than I would and you are sometimes involved. You don’t baby them when they have a minor injury and you teach them to be tough. You are showing them that they are strong individuals when I would show them that they are helpless babies that need mommy. You give them strength and I bet you don’t even realize you are doing it.

You teach them to care about each other. You show them by example how loving they can be. You care for all of us so much and you show it in so many ways. It is the little things that you do for each one of us that show and teach your love.

You give each of our children special time with just you and you make them both feel important. I look at both of them and see so much of you. They learn from you every day and I am glad that they have such a great teacher.

You always tell our kids to say “thank you” when I serve a meal. You teach them to appreciate me and by teaching them, you are showing me how much you do as well. I am so thankful to have you as a husband and our children are forever blessed to have you as their dad.

We love you so much and hope that you know how much we appreciate all that you do!

Love, Cherise

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  1. I forgot, you also teach them how to pick things up with their feet:) this I am sure is a life long skill that will undoubtably come in handy, but also makes me smile!

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