Stupid Anger Does Stupid Things

Dear World,

Almost a week ago, a friend of mine experienced a family tragedy. His cousin was murdered. I can’t remember if I had ever met his cousin but if I did, I’m sure it was just in passing. I may not have known this man well, but I know my friend well enough to be heart broken by such a horrific act. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how something so terrible could have possibly happened.

This man, or boy, was only twenty-four years old when his life was taken by another person. I think that as humans we always look for the reason why, and in this case there just doesn’t seem to be a reason. There is no way to justify anything. He was taken from this earth because of another man’s anger over something stupid.

There has been much conversation already on this case as it involves two different races. There is also conversation on if it would have happened if police officers had been present in the area like they once were. Fingers are pointed and blame is placed. We all look around for someone or something to make this horrible situation seem just a little less horrible. The sad part is that there isn’t much to make this better.

For myself, I find it sad that we are in a world where this kind of violence happens. It doesn’t just happen in other cities or in different neighborhoods. It doesn’t only happen to specific races or ages. Violence is everywhere and it is becoming more and more common each day that passes.

We watch the news and are horrified on a daily basis. Awful people are doing some awful things all of the time and I am wondering why. When did it become a right to pull out a gun and threaten someone for making a comment that you don’t like? When did it become ok to take someone else’s life? It is impossible to turn on a tv without being bombarded with murders, rape, kidnapping etc. I for one am scared at the world that I am bringing my children up in.

There are mass murders in schools, movie theaters, gyms… the list goes on and on. Is it even safe to walk outside anymore? It is like road rage on the streets now. Everything seems to be elevated to another level when it comes to violence. Where ten years ago this same situation could possibly ended in a fist fight, today it ends with an unregistered gun being used as a murder weapon.

I just don’t understand it. Honestly, there are plenty of people that I have a beef with. I work with the public so I deal with meatheads on a daily basis. I see stupid people do stupid things all the time and I see people get angry as well. What makes that anger go to the next level that death should result? What is wrong with our heads that we can get that mad that we would even consider hurting another human being?

Aside from protecting my children from severe harm, I would never hurt another person. I don’t even like to hurt people with my words so I am sure it would be hard to physically hurt someone. That’s me… but it seems for so many, that it is actually quite easy to harm another. Have we lost our conscious as a society?

I know that there is still some good out there. I know that good and kind people exist, but all you hear about is the horrible. The monsters that destroy and take lives are the ones all over the news. Not the loving individuals that do good things for people everyday.

I have read and seen so many people pull together to support this family that lost their baby. I know he may have been twenty-four but I promise you, to his mother, he was still a baby. I have seen a huge amount of people trying to help ease this families pain and I find it comforting too. I would hope that we do live somewhere that the good outweighs the bad.


I am encouraged by all the people that actually do care. It is so easy to be discouraged by life when we are faced with such horrific circumstances.  It would be easy for this man’s family to hate and to loose faith in our world… it would be easy for most of us. It is the support of their community that I hope will ease their pain and help to heal their hearts. I pray that they can see how much their son meant to so many and they can be comforted.

I pray that the hole that is in this mother’s heart will over time get smaller. It will never disappear but maybe someday it could hurt less. I pray that justice is served and this family can feel comforted by that. I am sure that this young man will watch over his loved ones and I pray that this comforts them also. I pray that someone out there may have seen this story and think twice before hurting another human being. I pray that someday we can turn on the news and see things that make us smile rather than cry.

May god bless the Sheridan family.

Love, Cherise

P.S. This link is a video made in tribute of the man that was killed.

5 thoughts on “Stupid Anger Does Stupid Things

  1. Cherise, this is beautiful. I read this and cried. Not at the part about the violence, but at the part about the GOOD in this world. While I am just a soon-to-be “in law” of this wonderful family, I feel that they are my own. And in the midst of such tragedy, I have seen God show his face in the faces of the hundreds upon hundreds of people who have reached out through acts of kindness large and small. It has been amazing.

    God bless the Sheridan family.

    • Jody, I think that when people reach out like they have for Zach, it makes it a smaller pill to swallow for all. Sadly, I wish it had never had to happen anyway. The Sheridan family will be in my prayers as well as in the prayers of many others. Hopefully time can ease the pain.

  2. This is well said. I woke up early this morning, about the same time that I was awakened last week by a phone call with this tragic news. I just laid there, frozen with the reality that a week had passed since this news. It is beyond comprehension why one person with an unregistered gun and volatile anger has changed the course of life for so many good people.

    The good will prevail. The hurt will go on. And IF justice is served, it will not make us really feel any better. Hopefully it will prevent at least one person who has no regard for human life from ever being able to repeat this crime.

    But it won’t bring Zachary back. He did not want to die. He lived life and loved ever minute of it.

    Anger is stupid. And some people have no regard for human life.

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