Rule Number One: Don’t Eat Your Boogers


Dear World,

As I drove home from church today, I listened with a smile to Cassidy and Jacob talking. I giggled to myself a couple of times as I overheard Cassidy giving Jacob advice about his first year in preschool. I thought, when did I have such a grown up little girl? As much as it made me giggle listening, her advice was pretty good. I thought I’d share with the rest of you, in case you have a soon to be preschooler.

Cassidy came up with five rules for Jacob.  “Jakey, these are the rules for when you go to school like a big boy.”

Rule Number One: Don’t eat your boogers. Well I think this one can be a rule for us all. I could hardly contain myself when I heard her say this. It was a good thing that I didn’t have a mouth full of coffee when she did, I surely would have spit it out in laughter. I don’t recall giving Cassidy this tid bit of advice on her first day of school but she obviously felt that it was important to mention. I suppose none of us would want our child to be the one that eats their boogers, so I agree with Cassidy that this should be on the list.

Rule Number Two: Listen to your teacher when you are on the playground. Pretty sound advice I’d say. “When she says it is time to go in, you go in.”

Rule Number Three: Don’t bite the other kids. Well  I am sure this has come from the fact that Jacob has left a few teeth marks on Cassidy’s skin. I’m pretty sure he thinks that it is funny to bite his sister because of the reaction that he gets, but hopefully he listens to this one. I really don’t want to do the conferences where they tell me that Jacob is “busy” and ask me if he has molars coming in, because he has bit another child. That’s just code for, get your kid in check and stop him from biting on the flesh of other children.

Rule Number Four: Raise your hand. As soon as Cassidy said this rule, I could see Jacob’s hand go up in the rear view mirror. He listened to her instantly…. If only I had that kind of power.

Rule Number Five: Don’t Take Toys. Good luck with this one. Cassidy has clearly experienced the wants of a two year old sibling. It pretty much goes without saying that what is yours is his. What’s his is his. If he had it once and put it down, it is still his. If he never had it but sees it, it is his. If he thought he was playing with it, it is his. If it is out of his reach, it is his… as soon as he can reach it. This rule is a good one that I’m sure he will figure out in time.

Cassidy spit out a few more rules as we drove, but they were new versions of the previous. She said listen to your teacher at least four times but worded it differently each time. Jacob surprisingly sat there staring intently waiting for the next rule to come.

It was funny to listen to, but it sure did make me sad for a second. It was almost three years ago that Jacob was born. He is my little baby and the thought of him growing up is painful at times. I sometimes hold him like a baby even though he is too heavy and my back can’t handle it, just so I can feel like he is still my baby.

When we went to Idlewild a couple of weeks ago, Jacob fell asleep on my chest in the lazy river. I can’t think of a single better moment of the entire day, than that one. He only slept for twenty minutes or so, but I enjoyed every second as if it was the last time he would fall asleep in my arms. It probably will be the last time, and it does make me sad.

On top of sending my last baby off to preschool this year, I have my just turned six year old giving advice like she has already graduated college. She grows up a little more every day and I look at her and sometimes have a hard time seeing the baby I brought home from the hospital six years ago. I tried to wash her hair the other night and she said “come on Mom, I’m a big girl now. I can do it myself. I don’t need your help.”

I’m not sure if it hurt more when she said she no longer needs my help or when she went through the phase of hating me. Either way, these kids grow up way too fast and it catches me off guard all the time.

Brian took off Cassidy’s training wheels the other day. I expected to spend the next week or so teaching her how to balance. I expected to hold on to her and run as she pedaled. I thought for sure that I would catch a few almost falls, and kiss a few accidental scratches in the process.  I got cheated! He took the wheels off and she sat on the bike and rode away. I didn’t even have the camera ready because I never expected her to do that.

I blink for a second and my kids are doing something new. Tonight, I came home from work early and Jacob had his new book bag on his back. The book bag is bigger than him, but boy did he look older with it.

Jacob will only be in preschool two days a week this year but Cassidy is now full day. All I have to say is, World, look out in a couple of years when they are both full day. I’m going to have a rough first couple of days. I’m already missing them and school hasn’t even started yet.



It’s been a great summer and I’m sad to see it go. I’m sure we will all learn many more lessons about life in the next school year. I’m sure my babies will continue to grow right before my eyes. I guess I’m going to have to hold both of them close at least a few more times before they get any bigger. Otherwise, I’m gonna have to start working out more so that they will never be too big to hold. Either way, I’m stealing a few more hugs and kisses while I still can!

Love, Cherise



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