My Baby Seeds

Dear World,

As summer is coming to an end, I drove around enjoying the beautiful colors of all of the flowers that I have watched bloom. I was saddened for a moment to think that in a few short months, those beautiful bright colors will be replaced with brown, orange and red. Fall will be upon us and all of the growth from the previous year will hibernate for a hopefully not too long winter. As I drove past the houses with gorgeous displays of blooming flowers, I thought about where it all began. Each and every piece of beauty started in the same place. They all started with a seed.

I think that it is pretty amazing that there are certain things in this world that every human being can relate to. There are so many different cultures and lives, beliefs and religions, races and colors, different educations and knowledge but still there are some things that we all know about. A few things that we can all agree on. The seed is one of them. I think that we all can agree that a seed placed in the correct environment, and given the proper tools, can produce something amazing.

I began gardening a couple years  ago. Each spring I would select the vegetables that I wanted to grow and I would plan out the space I had to grow in. I would enrich the soil with food for the plants and I would prepare the ground that each seed would enter. When the climate was ready to be kind to a baby seed, I would let it go into the ground to spread it’s roots.

Each day after I planted the seed,  I would water it. I pulled unwanted weeds from it’s path and I cared for the tiny seeds in hopes of producing something wonderful. I protected that seed as a baby seed and even as it began to grow. The first year I had green beans, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and zucchini. It felt amazing to see all of the literal fruits  of my labor. It was even more amazing to eat the fruits of my labor!

As I said before, we can all relate to the seed…. So what if the “seed” is our babies?

Each one of us, starting out as a glimmer in two love’s eyes. Planted hopefully out of love, each one of us had to be given the tools to grow and survive. By the time any of us had arrived on this planet, we had already been cared for daily. Nourished with food and a chance to grow into something amazing.

Each one of us gulped our first breath of air as we were entered this world and we were set out to be amazing. New seedlings in an enormous garden we grew quickly and adapted to our environments. Our parents watered and weeded around us, and if they didn’t, many of us adapted and learned to survive on our own. Either way, we all started in the same place.

As a parent of two of these baby seeds, I know where they started. I remember the glimmer and I put in the work and time to nourish each one until they arrived in this world.  I pulled every weed around for miles. They born and I wouldn’t let anything near that I wasn’t certain could enrich them in some way. It was always about making sure that they were an amazing person someday, but also like a competition. I was trying to grow the biggest and the best fruit! World Record fruit is what I was thinking!

The thing is that we all have these weeds in our lives. We all have things getting in the way and potentially ruining our seed. I can pull them out as quickly as they come, but at some point my seed needs to have firm roots planted deep in the soil and strong stems and branches that can reach out into  the world on their own.

My job is to provide the right environment to start. I have to provide the love and nourishment that they need mentally and physically. If I fail to do so in the beginning, they don’t have much of a chance at growing strong roots. The rest of their lives depends on the strong start that I have given them. Some day they will be pulling their own weeds and I will have to step back and hope for the best.

I know for sure that they will need my nourishment and care for many years to come. They will need daily work and weed pulling. They will need all the love that I have at times and they will require all the time that I don’t have as well. These two seeds will take all that I have to give, and they will deserve every bit of it. Every ounce of myself that I pour into them, I can’t wait to see bloom later on.

I love my baby seeds with all of my heart and I can’t wait to see them blossom. I will continue to tend to this garden and I will probably miss a weed or two, but hopefully I have have nourished their soil enough for them to grow strong and one day I will look at the two of them and realize that they have turned into something wonderful. I will be proud of the work that I have done and I will be proud of the people they will have become.

Love, Cherise

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