Christmas In …… October?

Dear World,

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Sorry, I know it isn’t Christmas yet, but I wonder if someone should let the stores know that. I was out today running errands to make my kid’s Halloween costumes and store after store seemed to have hung up the wrong month on the calender in the back office. Christmas has already thrown up on Pittsburgh and I haven’t even roasted a turkey yet.

I just don’t understand the rush. Maybe someone can fill me in, but I don’t understand our constant need as a society to move faster. It’s like when you have your first baby and you can’t wait till they start to talk. You anticipate the moment and hope you are there at the very second that it happens. Finally, the day comes and it is amazing but for the rest of that baby’s life, you will wish that things would slow down. I no longer wish for my kids to grow up quicker. In fact, I wish I could turn time back and steal a few extra minutes with them as babies.

This is what I don’t get. I love Christmas too. I get excited about it and I start thinking in my mind what I need to do to make it a great holiday for my family, but I don’t start thinking about it before Halloween. I mean, I can’t even get costumes made before I am bombarded with tinsel and holly and fake snow. The Halloween decorations are already on clearance so the stores can push it and make room for more red and green crap.

Maybe I am getting old, but I feel like I am at a point in my life where minutes matter. I sat down on the kitchen floor with Cassidy tonight and acted silly and just talked for at least twenty minutes. It was almost dinner time and I should have been making dinner, but this twenty minutes could not have been better spent. Sure dinner was late, but who cares. There wasn’t a fast forward button that could have moved us from that floor, and each slowly passing minute that we shared was precious.

I want to enjoy the minutes in my life. I hate counting down all of the time. Think about it. We have turned our entire lives into a countdown. Only ninety days till Christmas. Only eight months until summer vacation. Only three weeks till school starts. Only a nine months until a baby comes. Everything we do is marked in a time stamp that we feverishly watch tick away. It is sick how many things I count down to even in a day.

One more hour to sleep. Ten minutes before I have to get the kids up. Forty-five minutes until the bus comes. Two hours until I have to pick up Jacob. One hour until lunch. Half hour until nap time. It is endless and it is all I do every day. It takes the enjoyment out of life when all I do is look at a clock.

I am busy, we all are. I get why we spend our days counting endless minutes. It makes sense but holidays are the times in our lives that we are supposed to stop.


We are supposed to slow down. Enjoy our family and savor the time that we have. Halloween may not be a holiday created to give thanks but if you ask me, they all are about thanks. These are the days that we are supposed to take in each moment. We need to look at the details and embrace the moments that will never happen again. These are the days that give us an excuse to slow down because we won’t give ourselves one otherwise. I am thankful for every chance that I have to share quality time with my loved ones. If a holiday is what it takes than I am for sure not going to let it pass me by.

I hustle and bustle all day every day. It is rare that I have nothing to do, so I understand the notion that planning ahead may be helpful. I like to plan ahead myself. I want to have an amazing Christmas so I’m planning on celebrating it. I don’t need garland and string lights right now, to know that I will have a blessed day. If I don’t start Christmas shopping now, I am not going to miss the day. It will still happen.  I don’t need to fast forward my little trick or treaters because I need to prep for the next holiday. It is just one more way that we are letting life get ahead of us.

We are in a society that will pay extra to rush something. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Take your time. I don’t want to be rushed and I don’t want to waste the time I have here on earth in fast forward. I want to stop. Stop and enjoy what is around me before it is gone.

Cassidy says to me all the time that she hates being rushed. It actually will make her move slower. Maybe she has the answer. I am not going to embrace Christmas in October. I am going to go ahead and move slower. If my pumpkins wouldn’t rot so quickly, I’d leave them out until December. That is right, I am putting on the brakes and I won’t be enjoying another holiday until the present one has passed.

Here is to all things Halloween for at least the next fifteen days. After that, I may just move on the all things turkey.

          Love, Cherise


3 thoughts on “Christmas In …… October?

  1. Cherise, I felt the same way with the countdown to our wedding; like we were just waiting for a year to pass until the big day. Now that it’s over, I’m so happy to not be counting down anymore. I truly feel like life has slowed down and we can actually enjoy each day with each other…no anticipation, no expectations. It feels wonderful! (Until the holiday season rolls around….AFTER Thanksgiving! 😉

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