Life Is A Stage, And So Is An Ottoman

Dear People that make ottomans,

The uses for an ottoman are endless. Sitting on the couch just isn’t quite right without the resting place for your feet, it serves as extra seating in a pinch, and a coffee table when you need a spot to set down your remote… or coffee. The possibilities for this cube of wood and cushion are incredible, but it wasn’t until my children reached todlerhood that I realized what it’s true purpose was.

An ottoman is not just a resting place for tows or an extra seat. It is a giant stage, as grand as any stage on Broadway.

Suddenly, it is the stage that the most amazing songs are sung. Dances are choreographed with precision. It is a gathering place where Jacob and Cassidy sing into paper towel rolls and hair brushes. This is where the magic happens. They light up with excitement as the put on a show for Mom, Dad and the world of an audience that I know they are imagining squeezed into our small family room.

“Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls!” They demand our full attention and I know that no matter what this show has in store , it is going to be a moment to remember. Sometimes I video the show so that I can replay it for the stars. They can look back and see how much fun they were having. Sometimes I just watch. I just sit and take in every off key tune and every tiny butt wiggle from the top of that grand stage. I soak it all in because soon they will be too big for this stage.

When the stage lights dim and the audience is gone, usually while I’m cooking dinner, the ottoman is transformed once again. This time it turns into a giant mountain surrounded by lava. There is a river that flows between the couch and the ottoman and the only recommended way to cross the river is to jump. Jacob travels from mountain to couch and couch to mountain over and over as long as no one is looking. One giant jump after another, back and forth dangerously avoiding falling into the hot lava. This is usually where I put down the knife or spoon and really watch from around the corner.

I watch as he climbs up the mountain and stands proudly on top. Just when he thinks that he is safe, the lava starts to rise. The only escape is to reach the couch. He leaps again and makes it by the skin of his teeth. Safe once more! Just then he turns around to see me watching and he turns back into Jacob. The superhero disappears and the  mountain is just an ottoman ready for feet to rest once more.

It’s funny how a piece of furniture can bring so much joy. I could watch these two forever. They shows, the song and dance, the superheros, I love it all. I know that before I realize it, that giant ottoman will be tiny. Instead of our floor being covered in lave it will be just carpet and so I watch. I applaud as loud as I can and scream for an encore! I peak around the corner and I watch the happiness, true little kid happiness. I see it all and I cherish every second of it!

So to the people who make ottomans, Thank you! I couldn’t enjoy your product more, that is unless it also cleaned up after my little superhero/stars.


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