Over The Moon Proud!

Dear Melissa,

I met you when you were a little older than Cassidy. I started dating Brian that long ago. I am sure that when I first met you that I never expected to still know you today. I am sure that I never expected to watch you grow up. Wow, how things make you feel old! Today you are graduating from college. Definitely a milestone that I also never expected to be a part of.

Through the years watching you grow up I have been amazed by you. I think that you are one of the kindest people that I know. You are so hard working! I think that I can honestly say that I’ve never met someone that pushes themselves more than you do. It seems to have worked for you because you are graduating today with honors I am sure. I have watched over the years as you have sacrificed a Friday night out to do homework. I can remember laughing at the time, but I am sure that today it will all be worth it.

It is going to be hard to see you walk up and receive your diploma. Because I have known you since you were so young and I sort of feel like I will be watching Cassidy walk up there. I just can’t believe how wonderful a person that you have become. I know that your parents can take a lot of credit for how you have turned out and I am sure that she is over the moon proud of you today. I am over the moon proud of you today.

You truly have a heart for children and I think that someday you will bless a school with your presence. I watch as you spend time with my kids and I can see how amazing you are with them. You are so patient and understanding in times that it is difficult to be either. You make everything a learning experience and you make it fun. I am sure that my kids don’t realize you are teaching them things every time they see you, but I do. You will be a wonderful teacher someday and I am excited for you to reach your goals.

I think about the memories that we’ve shared over the years and I am glad to have been a part of your life and your families’. I have watched you dress up for proms and seen you sweat at soccer games and watched as you marched by in a parade. I just can’t believe that you are going to be out of college. It was so easy to think of you as still a kid a few days ago, but now you are an adult.

You have really become an outstanding adult and I am certain that you will go far. You set your sights on a goal and there is nothing that can stand in your way. I admire this most! You are about to enter into the “real world” and while that scares me as an over protective sister in law, I am also sure that you will do fine. You will land on your feet and you will survive any twists that life has to offer. You are a fighter for sure.

In a few hours we will be packing the kids into the car and driving to Duquesne to see you graduate. I am feeling overwhelmed with emotions so I can only imagine how you must be feeling. You must be so excited and proud of yourself. You really have worked so hard for this day and you deserve to be praised today!

As I watch you walk with tear filled eyes I will replay flash backs of the past sixteen years. I am so happy for you and couldn’t be more proud!! I wish for you all of the success in the world. I hope that you can find the career of your dreams and I know you will be amazing. You are a role model not just for my children but also for myself. I am so proud of you today and every day!

Love, Cherise